Ron Dupuis: Good Man in a Broken City

Photo by Arron Pickard
Photo by Arron Pickard

I’m supporting Ron Dupuis in Greater Sudbury’s mayoral race because he’s just what this city, with its broken, gridlocked Council needs right now—a leader who is, in the vernacular of my daughters’ generation, “chill.”

But if you’re looking for someone who can unerringly deliver that sexy, polished fifteen-second sound bite, or steal the headlines with grand, meaningless visionary promises he’ll never deliver because the rest of Council will not support him, then I suggest you shop elsewhere. My friend Ron is all steak, no sizzle.

And he’s just the leader who can dial back Council’s fractious, overheated impasse and get things done.

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I Dreamed I Saw Claire Culhane Last Night

Claire CulhaneA few years ago, I wrote the following tribute to friend/mentor/comrade, the late Claire Culhane.

It has never before been published on any platform — until now.  It’s a song lyric, inspired by and intended to be sung to the old labour song “I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill.”

I dreamed I saw dear Claire last night
Alive as you or me
Says I “but Claire”
“You’re ten  years’ dead”
“I never died” said she…
“I never died” said she.

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