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Wintersong Book Launch – Steelworkers Union Hall

Photos from the “Wintersong” book launch in Sudbury, Ontario at the Steelworkers Union Hall on May 7, 2017.

Left to right: Robin Philpot (Baraka Books), Mick Lowe, Oryst Sawchuk (multi-disciplined artist & Nickel Range illustrator)


The Raids, The Insatiable Maw, Wintersong (The Nickel Range Trilogy)
Books · History · Mining · Wintersong

1978-79 Steelworkers strike subject of Mick Lowe’s new novel –

Heidi Ulrichsen /

Given it’s a part of the city’s recent history, most Sudburians remember Steelworkers Local 6500’s nearly year-long 2009-2010 strike against Vale.

More distant in the community’s collective memory is the arguably even more bitter labour dispute that happened a generation earlier.

Steelworkers Local 6500 went on strike against Vale’s predecessor, Inco, for 10 and a half months from Sept. 15, 1978 until June 7, 1979.

The labour dispute, which involved 11,600 workers, and starved Inco of more than 22 million hours of labour, smashed records at the time for the longest strike in Canadian history.

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Christmas on the Rock

Christmas on the Rock. One of my “One the Rock” columns which appeared weekly in the Northern Life, Sudbury’s community newspaper. This one, dated December 20, 1998:

The first Christmas of the new century dawned clear, cold and bright over the Nickel Range, and no one was more excited by the day’s prospect than Joseph Poulin, a fact that did his mother’s heart much good.

Since September she had watched Joey, a mere slip of a boy and only 13, trudge off to work each day in the rock house of the Canadian Copper Company’s new Creighton Mine. With the onset of winter and the shortness of days, this meant that Joey left home before sunrise, and returned long after dark each night.

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