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In Search of the Lost Chicago Mine

Last week the following missive appeared on my Facebook wall:

Hello Mick!

I’m not sure if you remember my Grandfather, Robert Bryenton? You once did a story/column/article about him. He is a World War II veteran. Lived alone in his home on St. Pothier Road in Whitefish.

The reason for this message is to inform you of his passing. You may not even remember him, but you were very important to him.

Over the years, your name and the article have been a topic of discussion, frequently.

Thank you for telling his story.

God Bless,

To be honest, I hadn’t thought of Bob in years, but I remembered him vividly. His granddaughter Melissa was kind enough to send along a PDF of the original column, which I’m sure I hadn’t read since it was published in the summer of 1995. I believe I can see why the old man apparently treasured it so.

Here is that column, complete and unabridged:

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Revisited – “A Failure to Evolve”: In Defense of Glenn Thibeault

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on December 22, 2014 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness

Glenn Thibeault

In all of the ink that was spilled last week about Glenn Thibeault’s astonishing defection from the federal NDP to the Ontario Liberal Party, one question, to me, remained tantalizingly unasked: why would the MP for Sudbury suddenly bolt his party and cross the floor?

(Full disclosure: I recently switched my own political allegiance from the NDP to the Liberal party.)

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“The Insatiable Maw” on CBC Morning North

Morning North, CBC Radio One, 99.9 FM Sudbury
Original air date: Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mick Lowe is the author of the Nickel Range Trilogy, historical novels that look at the mining history of Sudbury in the 1960s and 70s. Markus Schwabe paid Mick a visit to find out about the second volume in the series: The Insatiable Maw.

Listen to Mick via the link below:
Mick Lowe “The Insatiable Maw” – Morning North (8:45)

Photo by Markus Schwabe
Photo by Markus Schwabe