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Sudbury Launch: “The Insatiable Maw” – May 24

The Insatiable Maw,” The Nickel Range Trilogy, Vol. 2 by Mick Lowe will be launched in Sudbury on Sunday, May 24 at 2 pm at the United Steelworkers’ Hall, Local 6500, 66 Brady Street.

The Insatiable MawAfter the success and interest sparked by “The Raids,” Mick Lowe now tells the intriguing story of how steel workers and the community fought against the huge corporations and collusion at Queen’s Park to literally change the landscape of Sudbury and the entire Nickel Range. If the infamous lunar landscape is slowly fading into the past, it’s because of that epic battle.

Mick tells the tale through the lives of the characters met in “The Raids.” They include Jake McCool and his girlfriend Jo Ann Winters, reporter Foley Gilpin, who files stories for the Globe and Mail, and whole new cast of characters.

Original illustrations by Sudbury artist Oryst Sawchuk add impetus to this powerful story. Oryst also did the cover art.

Not able to attend the book launch? Visit Baraka Books to take advantage of a special 25% early order discount by clicking here.


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