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More critical praise for Mick Lowe’s “The Raids”

“The Raids” is a fascinating excursion into unexplored realms in the Canadian past. What if the US CIA’s operations that saw the covert overthrow of governments worldwide, assassination of political opponents, and macabre experiments using mind-altering drugs on human subjects had also included intervention into the strategic nickel deposits in Sudbury? What if the CIA viewed the communist-led Mine Mill and Smelter Workers’ Union that represented Sudbury’s miners as a Cold War threat? Might the CIA kill people, secretly conspire against a legitimate union, and distort the political fabric of an entire community?
Mick Lowe launches “The Raids” with an emphatic yes to that premise, then proceeds to weave an intriguing tale based on intense political passions, memorable characters and dramatic conflicts. From the depths of the nickel mines to the fierce union hall confrontations to the beer-fueled conspiracies hatched in Sudbury’s raucous bars, Lowe guides us through a tangled story that never fails to entertain. Lowe leaves the reader convinced that what is presented as fiction closely fits historical fact.
Larry Hannant
Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Victoria
Instructor, Camosun College, Victoria

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