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“The Raids” in bookstores May 15th

The Nickel Range Trilogy – Volume 1

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It’s spring, 1963 in the “Nickel Capital of the World.” Nineteen-year-old Jake McCool is about to undergo a rite of passage—his first shift underground in a hard rock mine.  But the Cold War is at its height, and Jake is also about to become a reluctant participant in a bitter inter-union battle fuelled by the global struggle between two ideologies in the wake of the Second World War.  So is his girlfriend, Jo Ann Winters.  Together the couple will be swept up in a web of intrigue; at its centre is a terrible secret that will haunt their relationship for the rest of their lives, as their hometown becomes not only one of the world’s greatest hard rock mining centres, but also the epicenter of the Cold War in North America.

This fast-paced novel is set against the little-known historical backdrop of a true-life battle that included vicious beatings, full on riots and worse. Lowe posits a provocative premise: that the US government sponsored a ruthless covert operation to destabilize a strategic community in the heartland of its closest ally: Canada.

“No one actually died during the Sudbury Steel raids—or, rather, no such murders were ever reported during this turbulent time,” says author Mick Lowe. The reader will inevitably ask:

“Did this really happen?”

“This is a work of fiction,” says Lowe. “Besides, that’s the wrong question. The right one is ‘Could this actually have happened?’ And I reply, emphatically, ‘Yes!’”

Advance Praise

… a compelling story of political power, love and hatred all rolled into a gritty, hard-hitting novel of the Nickel Range. — David A. Patterson, Hard Rock Miner, Former President of Sudbury Steelworkers’ Local 6500 and Former Director, District 6, USWA

“If part of a writer’s task is to take us places where we would never go, Mick Lowe does so magnificently in The Raids. From the moment in the opening scene when a swinging cage packed with angry men plunges thousands of feet down into a mine in the Nickel Range, we are in uncharted territory. In this first volume of Lowe’s planned trilogy, union battles are life-and-death struggles, tension and fear are constants and the man standing next to you in that plummeting cage could be your worst enemy. It’s territory Lowe knows intimately from his days as a fearless reporter: in The Raids, he transforms that knowledge into unforgettable fiction.. — Jack Todd, journalist (The Gazette) and author of The Taste of Metal and Sun Going Down

In bookstores May 15, 2014.

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A prolific journalist, writer and newspaper columnist, Mick Lowe is the author of the Canadian true crime classic Conspiracy of Brothers: A True Story of Bikers, Murder and the Law. Born and raised in Nebraska, Lowe immigrated to Canada in 1970. He moved to Sudbury, Ontario in 1974 where he became an avid student of that city’s turbulent labour history.


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