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A Christmas card from Rosedale

Photo by AshtonPal
Photo by AshtonPal

Originally published in December ’94.

The snow falls silently in Toronto.  It is Christmas Eve, and the snow is falling on the rich and poor, on the black and white, on the bag lady pushing her grocery cart and on the high-flying Bay Street broker in his Jaguar XJ-l2.

The snow gives the great city a festive air, and nowhere does it fall more prettily than  here in Rosedale, the elite Toronto neighbourhood that is the last word in power, wealth and privilege.

Forty eight people may have frozen to death on the streets of Toronto last winter and beggars may be present in greater numbers this Christmas  than at any time since the Great Depression, but the l980s and 90s have been good to Rosedale.

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I Dreamed I Saw Claire Culhane Last Night

Claire CulhaneA few years ago, I wrote the following tribute to friend/mentor/comrade, the late Claire Culhane.

It has never before been published on any platform — until now.  It’s a song lyric, inspired by and intended to be sung to the old labour song “I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill.”

I dreamed I saw dear Claire last night
Alive as you or me
Says I “but Claire”
“You’re ten  years’ dead”
“I never died” said she…
“I never died” said she.

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