Exclusive Halloween Interview with Jenny Jelen

With Halloween upon us, I recently sat down to correspond with Jenny Jelen, co-author of Spooky Sudbury, published last month by Dundurn. It’s a little gem, and must reading for anyone who cares about Sudbury, Northern Ontario, and the paranormal. Here’s my interview with Jenny, whom I’ve dubbed “Sudbury’s ‘It’ Girl” because of her charisma, media savvy and athleticism (she’s also a highly competitive horsewoman.)

She’s also a good friend.

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Giving Thanks for Glencore Deal

SUDBURY, Thanksgiving Eve, 2013—During a recent discussion with a prominent Sudbury Steelworkers’ Union leader I asked his opinion about the prospects for a negotiated settlement with Vale in 2015 without a strike. (Reports from the job front are not good.)

His reply surprised me: “There’s a lot of talk we’ll be bought out before then, anyway.”

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